Sunday, 31 August 2014

London Calling Part 2

Hey Guys!

Here is the second part of my London photo diary, and in my opinion, the better part (you'll see why soon!)

St. Pancras; every single building in London is so beautiful!

We couldn't make him smile :(

Love this photo SO much.

This is why this is the superior photo diary. 'Nuff said.

Outside Buckingham Palace.

This photo diary was so much fun to compile… there are plenty more pictures but I narrowed it down just for you guys! Now do me a favor and scroll up to the seventh picture again. And again.

xoxo, Emma

Friday, 29 August 2014

London Calling: Part 1

Hey Guys!

You probably know that I went to London on a little holiday with my friends this week, and it was AMAZING. I am determined to go and live there at some stage, maybe after college.

I will of course be uploading vlogs of my trip on Youtube, so I thought I would use my blog to show some of the pictures I took whilst in London… and there are a lot of them!

Camera Twins!

The Best Pancakes ever. 

It rained a lot that day.

In Sea Life!

In a hurricane simulator… it was slightly windy.

Obligatory red telephone box tourist photo ;)

M&M World… yep, it's a real place.

So they are the pics from my first day in London. The pics from the second and third day will be up on Sunday, and the first part of my vlog will be up on Saturday (tomorrow!)

xoxo, Emma

Tuesday, 26 August 2014


Hey Guys!

You may or may not know that I am jetting off (sounds so glam, doesn't it?) to London today, so of course I just had to hit up the mini toiletry section in Tesco. Here's what ended up in my shopping basket:

Nivea Cleansing Face Wipes: Perfect for wiping makeup off a tired face at the end of a long tourist-fun filled day! Not the best option for my face, but certainly the most convenient.. and just look at how cute it is!

Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo & Conditioner: Again, these are super cute, and I just love Aussie hair products.

Dove Go Fresh Pomegranate Deoderant: Do I need to justify this?

Colgate MaxFresh Toothpaste: Likewise ;)

Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter: I actually got this as part of a gift set, and I was saving it up for something special. Turns out, it is now time for this beauty to shine, and I'm pretty sure I will end up finishing it over in London!

These are the minis I shall be taking with me to London. There won't be a video today, but keep an eye out for my London vlogs… they should be interesting!

xoxo, Emma

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Keeping Up With TheGlamCornerxo

Hey Guys!

Long time, no blog post! I have been working hard on my Youtube channel recently, uploading lots of new content and as I hope you've seen, I have tried to improve my blog too. My upload schedule is as follows:

Blog posts (follow me on Bloglovin' here): Every second day.
Youtube Channel: Tuesdays, and either Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

Here are my latest videos, in case you need/want to catch up!

I hope you enjoy them… keep an eye out for my Back To School Series!

xoxo, Emma

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

M.A.C Teddy Eyeliner

Hey Guys!

The whole world and it's mother has heard about this beaut of an eyeliner, Teddy, but after reading Anna's review, I knew that it was an item I just had to pick up in the airport. After road-testing my first eyeliner from MAC, I was converted.

I thought Teddy was just a plain old brown eyeliner, but it is actually a bronzy, russety color that makes the green in my eyes pop! I glide it along my upper lash line and smudge a little on my bottom lash line for a slightly smokey look that is much easier (for me, anyway) to pull off during the day time with lashings of mascara. Add a dark brown shadow in the crease for definition and to amp up the smokiness, and you have a perfect night-time, smoldering look.

Staying power is pretty good, and even stays well in the tight- and water-lines. Overall, a fab eyeliner that I won't stop using any time soon.

xoxo, Emma

Saturday, 9 August 2014

The Real Techniques Roadshow

Hey Guys!

Yesterday I did something very exciting… I met PIXIWOO!! Sam and Nic are doing the Real Techniques Roadshow (#RTRoadshow) at the moment and I went to their meet up in Boots in Jervis Shopping Centre.

After queueing for a good while, my sister and I went in and I got photos with the girls and Nic even gave me advice on which brushes do what. I was looking for a contouring brush and a foundation brush so she sorted me out!

Just getting advice from the brush queens themselves! *screams a little bit*
There was an offer on the brushes, buy one get one half price, with the promise of a free third brush if you purchased two on the day… how could I say no? I ended up getting the foundation brush and the expert face brush, and then receiving the buffing brush as a free gift, all for €16! The girls were kind enough to autograph them for me and they were so, so lovely, and very pretty too!

Keep an eye out for my vlog where I meet the girls, which should be up today!

xoxo, Emma

Thursday, 7 August 2014


Hey Guys!

I'm back again with another blogpost today, and this time I'm asking for your help. Every year I look forward to watching my favorite Youtuber's Back To School series, and this year in particular I've found myself typing in 'Back To School 2014' into Youtube's search bar everyday. Yep, it's gotten that bad.

Because of my love for everything back to school (stationary is my addiction), I wanted to know if you guys would like to see a back to school series. As I shall be starting university, I'll be able to do outfit ideas and that sort of thing but I could also do supply hauls if that's what you want to see too.

Please let me know in the comments, or on my Twitter or Youtube.

xoxo, Emma